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Andrew's bio


From the silence to the first chords, feelings that move through melodic lines, the richness of simplicity, the expression of the soul through lyric and sound, intimate and engaging at the same time: this is the proposal of the Brazilian singer/songwriter Andrew Laureth.


Andrew has an extensive experience in music. His career first began in 2003. After 10 years touring in Brazil and Europe, releasing albums with his old bands and getting attention from the media, Laureth decided to fly to greater heights.

The solo project emerged in 2014, with the release of the album “Janelas da Alma”, in 2020 he released “Pieces of me”. Both albums gained notoriety in important media in the international and Brazilian media, and provided tours in several European countries, such as Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria and England.

In 2022 Andrew presents a new project to the world, an album rich in feelings and emotions and brings in each song a living piece of the songwriter.
There are 8 songs being released in audio and video in partnership with the S3 Music label.

Currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Andrew has been touring around Brazil and Europe for years, having shared the stage with great Brazilian artists like Nando Reis and Natiruts. A mix of folk and Brazilian music, led by the acoustic sound of a guitar, is what can be expected from an Andrew Laureth’s concert. In addition to presenting his own music, there is also room for classics of Brazilian music and Pop Rock.

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